Make your workouts more effective with the support you need
• Support the natural arc of the neck
• Preventing the reversal of the natural arc of the neck
• Support both head and spine
• Stay healthier and make workouts more effective

Relieve tension on your neck while strengthening your core
• Doctor and Chiropractor Recommended • Optimal spine support during workouts
• Doctor and Chiropractor Recommended
• Patented Design

What is it, and what does it do?
• A device that provides neck support to accomplish effective abdominal exercises
• It stabilizes the neck to prevent misalignment
• It helps relieve stress and pressure on the neck and upper spine
• It prevents abrupt tension that may cause injury during abdominal exercise

NEXHALE is Available in Four Colors:

Who can use it?
Nexhale is for almost everyone, male or female, ages 5 to 105

How often can you use it?
It is completely safe to use as often as every day

Recommended by Dr. Mathew Brown Spine Specialist Former Chiropractor for the Dallas Mavericks (27 yrs of experience)